“In foreign productions, Lithuania usually plays a part. We imagine her as an actor.” - shares J. Špokas supervising location manager at Baltic Locations & member of Lmgi - Location managers guild international and recalls how once in a day he filmed Moscow, Washington and Mexico in Vilnius.

Easily travel through our small and well connected country to experience the diversity of its scenic views. Architectural monuments speak of multifaceted history that offers gothic, neoclassical, baroque, art-deco, constructivist and contemporary backdrops. Thanks to its four seasons, Lithuanian landscapes are rich with color from white to yellow, red and orange, to green and blue.

Aside from equal shares of snowy, cloudy and sunny weather, they bring a wide variety of cinematic moods.

Shooting permits

Our local location managers are well acquainted with the local permitting laws, and will ensure that you do not get lost in our “permit forests” when setting off to shoot across our beautiful country in any of the 10 counties, 60 municipalities or 500 elderships.

We have film offices in the three largest cities - Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda that will assist with location filming applications to be obtained from city authorities. These permits are required for filming in public places while the owners’ permission suffices for filming on private property.

A permit from the police is needed if filming requires special traffic arrangements (i.e. re-routing or stopping traffic). Filming of artworks (objects) protected by copyright law requires the consent of the copyright owner unless the works are publicly accessible and are not the central piece in filming.



2.795 million of which 67.4% live in cities and towns, 32.6% – in rural areas.

Biggest cities

Vilnius is the capital city with a population of 544,386 that has a lot to offer for scenic backdrops. Other notable cities include Kaunas (population 295,269) - the most centrally located large city with an Art Deco spirit, and Klaipėda (population 152,818) – sea port city with access to sandy beaches.

Geographic Location

Lithuania is one of three Baltic states and lies on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. It shares a land border with Poland to the South, Latvia to the North, and a maritime border with Sweden to the West.

Official languages

Lithuanian is the official language of the country. 78.5% of the population speak at least one foreign language with English and Russian being the most common.


Euro, EUR

Country Phone Code

Country Code: +370

Time Zone


Flight connections

There are direct flights to Vilnius from almost all of the major European cities (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Brussels, and others…).

Ferry connections

There is international passenger and cargo traffic from Klaipeda to Germany and Sweden.

Geography of Lithuania

Lithuanian landscapes range from a beautiful coastline, lakes, vibrant modern cities, charming old towns and national parks presenting a multitude of filming possibilities throughout the year. Lithuania is glacially flat, with morainic hills in the western and eastern highlands no higher than 300m. The terrain is marked by numerous small lakes and swamps. The mixed green leaf and evergreen forest zone covers over 33% of the territory.


The climate is semi-continental, with white winters and mild, moderately rainy summers. The average temperatures throughout the year range from -3C, which is just below freezing, in winter time to about 18C in summer time. The annual rainfall is 774 mm.


Lithuania has a multi-party political system and qualifies as a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic. The President is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government. Lithuania is a member of the European Union as well as the UN, OECD, WTO and NATO.

Compact size, giant efforts.

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