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You can go only right when choosing Lithuania for your next audiovisual project. A compact size country with a variety of possibilities for visual approaches will make it easy and pleasant to get around. Our local staff is

passionate, professionals and well-connected to the Lithuanian audio-visual industry network populated with English-speaking, non-union crew who will diligently work with to make your next audiovisual project a reality.

Film in Lithuania is dedicated to promoting Lithuania film industry  abroad and on international markets.

We look forward to meeting you in Lithuania!


Film your next film in Lithuania

From a poetic cinema tradition behind the Iron Curtain to a transnational collaborative practice of film-making that appeals to funders, promoters and audiences abroad. We continue to grow creatively as well as professionally connecting with film-makers all over the world to venture into artistic adventures.

Discover your partners in Lithuania to co-develop and bring your cinematic vision to life. Our creatives are well established in the region and connected locally, regionally, and globally. Their vision and inventiveness is met by technical competences and rich film-making experience to share. 

What is more, a Lithuanian co-production partnership will save your budget 30% through the national tax incentive.

Make use of the National Film Funding

The scheme is managed by the Lithuanian National Film center and supports national films with a cinematic ambition and innovative vision. It is available to feature films, documentaries, and shorts, as well as film development and scriptwriting. Each case is processed individually and funding is decided upon bilateral dialogue with applicants.

Reap the benefits of minority co-production funding

Co-production partners can apply through a state funded minority co-production funding scheme that strives to strengthen collaboration between international producers and Lithuanian production companies.

Minority co-production funding amounts

One of the co-authors from Lithuania – up to 200 000 EUR*

  • A Film Director
  • Scriptwriter
  • Cinematographer
  • Production Designer
  • Composer
  • Main Director of animation
  • Main Character

Head of Unit from Lithuania – up to 100 000 EUR*

  • Editor
  • Sound designer
  • Costume designer
  • Main cast
  • Director of animation
  • Art director animation
  • Character Designer
  • Storyboard Creator

*This amount is not reimbursable. 100% of the financial grant should be spent in Lithuania.


The scheme is available to co-productions, where the Lithuanian producer is not the principal producer. The total financial contribution of your Lithuanian production partner should not exceed 50% of the entire budget. In case of a multilateral co-production, the Lithuanan investment should be at least 10% of the budget while in case of bilateral partnership – at least 20%. Production companies must deliver substantial information confirming that the financing, which makes no less 50% of the whole budget, has already been committed. Let us connect you to your local “producer in crime” who will partner up to apply for funding through one of the two annual calls managed by the Lithuanan Film Center.

Enjoy access to international funding schemes

Following the ratification of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production signed in 1999, Lithuania participates in the Eurimages fund and can claim support for co-productions.

In addition, we have bilateral co-production agreements with France and Israel, granting favorable state funding scheme access.

Lithuania as a member of European Union is fully participating in Creative Europe 2021-2027 programme. Under MEDIA Strand, audiovisual production companies are eligible to apply to the following calls for proposals:

  • European slate development
  • European mini-slate development
  • European Co-development
  • TV and online content

National TV Film Funding

National TV Channel call opens twice a year for TV documentary projects and also avails small investments or pre-sales. It is open all year long. This funding can complement funding from the Lithuanian Film Center. 

Funding calendar:

Tax incentive:

  • Year round

National TV Channel: 

  • Year round for small investments or pre-sales according to the project
  • Two times per year open competition where it is possible to apply with TV documentary projects 

Lithuanian Film Centre:

  • May call
  • November call

Service production

Plan your next project in Lithuania

Some attribute local industry growth to international projects, such as the Warner Bros series Robin Hood that filmed in Lithuania over several years in the 90s, or to the present day Netflix, BBC and HBO productions that frequent our country. These collaborations enable our local crew to learn from the very best and contribute to industry expansion. As a result, our Northern European state is becoming the hottest destination for service production. In 2021, foreign producers spent 35million euros in Lithuania for their audiovisual projects. Whether it is a large or a smaller scale project, industry partners from all over the world are drawn to Lithuania due to its easy logistics and permitting process, affordability, scenic diversity and, most importantly, professional crew members who ensure that everything goes according to the plan. 

Make use of the Lithuanian tax incentive

We welcome international collaborations for the invaluable opportunities to grow professionally and the creative exchange that these collaborations provide. Recognizing the value of the cinema industry in contributing to the economic and cultural development of Lithuania, the government has implemented a tax incentive that allows film producers to save up to 30% of budget costs through use of a private investment scheme (LEARN MORE linkas i tax skilti). In 2021, the incentive has mobilized a record of 15 million investments, which is more than ¼ growth since 2020.


Citizens of EU Member States enjoy free and unhindered passage to Lithuania. In accordance with the Schengen agreement, EU passport holders do not need a visa to visit Lithuania.  

Work permits

All the EU/ETA citizens enjoy the right to work in Lithuania without a workers residence permit while other workers require one. A worker’s permit can usually be obtained within a month. An application can be exempted based on the specificities of the job requirement, such as high qualifications or unique skill sets of the worker. The employer is responsible for the application process.


Find your best partners in Lithuania

Lithuania’s advertising production portfolio includes over 3000 commercials for a wide range of products - Adidas and Nike, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, Google, and McDonalds to name but a few. Our advertisements have met the expectations of some of the most demanding clients and

most established directors and production houses. In addition to the high level of professionalism that draws on years of experience working with the best that the industry has to offer, we know how to work with a cost-friendly budget that is difficult

to outcompete elsewhere. We have the energy, we have a vibe, we are ready. Check out our partner list and choose one of our reliable video production houses that will handle the process from start to finish. 

Industry infrastructure

Find everything you need in Lithuania

Lithuania provides production services with a complete set of services for film as well as television projects and advertising commercials.

With our wide range of services provided by partners, we have managed productions from high to low budgets. Local suppliers stay up to date with innovation and have developed capacity to service a high volume of orders.

We will find the perfect solution for your shooting plans, providing exceptional services at all stages of production.

Our partners are competitive suppliers in the region, no matter where you are with your project, we will come up with the best solution customized to meet your specific needs, whether it is for a historic or futuristic set or all at once - we got you. 


  • Preparation of production budgets and schedules
  • Location scouting and arranging the required permits
  • Professional, non-union English speaking crew or insourced foreign crew of required
  • World class quality set construction services
  • Stunt team 
  • Movie vehicles
  • Studios with green screen and backlots
  • Equipment rental  - camera, light, sound.
  • Props rental

Full range of finance service:

  • Production and payroll accounting 
  • Government and Institutional Relations
  • Taxation and Legal Advice
  • Work Permits
  • Tax Incentive

Animation and VR

Create your next film in Lithuania

The last decade witnessed an incredible growth of the VR and animation industries in Lithuania invigorated with young qualified creators open for innovation and collaborations.  Their works are gaining access to A class festivals, such as The Annecy International Animation Film Festival, which introduced  Matilda and the spare head (2020), dir. Ignas Meilūnas, or The Venice Film Festival that showcased the 360 VR projects-film Trail of Angels (2018), dir. Kristina  Buozyte. 

Lithuanian companies took part in notable international animated projects:

  • Golden Horse (2014), a feature-length film co-produced with Latvia, Luxembourg and Denmark;
  • the short 3D animation film Junction (2016), co-produced with Canada and Australia; 
  • Ragnarok (2016), co-produced with Denmark; 
  • Last Stop is the Moon (2017), a Polish–Lithuanian co-production;
  • and The Juggler (2018), a Lithuanian-French co-production.

Our VR and animation community is on an exponential rise in terms of creative vision, skills, use of immersive technologies and post-production.

Catch the wave with us!

Post production

Complete your film in Lithuania

Lithuanian post-production companies are very keen to collaborate on international projects and they have a lot of experience doing so. Lot of international clients trust our teams for the best quality post-production services. Our professionals offer a wider range of quality services - from editing,  visual post  to full covered audio post -production, which is a massive part of the digital technology era that we are all part of today.

Visual post production studios provide:

  • full DI post- production services;
  • VFX, FX
  • color grading
  • deliverables and archiving
  • concept design
  • 3D modeling & texturing
  • rigging
  • layout & animation
  • roto & clean & keying
  • 3D camera tracking
  • compositing

Audio post production studios provide:

  • Sound Effects Editing
  • Sound design 
  • Audio Restoration
  • Music Composition
  • Music Editing
  • Mixing & Mastering

Let us bring your project to the finish line.

Green Filming

Green Filming

One of the benefits of being small is a chance to cut on transportation pollution. You can drive anywhere from Vilnius in four hours or less, which appeases the “eco-consciousness”. Even more - commute across in one of the widely available hybrid or electric vehicles. Lithuania currently ranks 19th among the EU27 countries on the 2021 Eco-innovation Index, leading the group of countries catching up with
eco-innovation. Our innovation score has grown by 6points (from 82 in 2019 to 88 in 2021) and highlights our determination to climb up that eco ladder.

We recognize that the film industry has to play its part in the green transition. We are keen to adopt strategies that help to cut waste resulting from the production process. Our teams widely practice digitization, reducing the use of paper to a minimum; employing cloud storage instead of hard drives; integrating LED lighting; recycling across production sites and offices; introducing more circularity to construction of sets, where we repurpose construction pieces for multiple uses; and donating clothing and other leftover materials.

Since green is one of our favorite colors, we remain keen to learn new ways of greening even more.

Compact size, giant efforts.

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