You can go only right when choosing Lithuania for your next audiovisual project. A compact size country with a variety of possibilities for visual approaches will make it easy and pleasant to get around. Our local staff is passionate, professional and well-connected to the Lithuanian audio-visual industry network populated with English-speaking, non-union crew who will diligently work with to make your next audiovisual project a reality. Film in Lithuania is dedicated to promoting Lithuania film industry abroad and on international markets. We look forward to meeting you in Lithuania!


Easily travel through our small and well connected country to experience the diversity of its scenic views. Architectural monuments speak of multifaceted history that offers gothic, neoclassical, baroque, art-deco, constructivist and contemporary backdrops.

Film Tax Incentive

Lithuanian Film Tax Incentive offers an opportunity to save up to 30% of the film production budget through a private investment scheme. The Lithuanian Film Tax Incentive came into force in 2014, in order to create favorable conditions for filmmaking in Lithuania. A Lithuania based business can take advantage of it by providing financial aid for filmmaking and thus reduce their taxable income and income tax. Film production companies get financial aid for filmmaking in Lithuania if their production meets eligibility requirements and if they comply with the formal application procedure overseen by the Lithuanian Film Center.

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    • In foreign productions, Lithuania usually plays a part. We imagine her as an actor.

      J. Špokas

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Compact size, giant efforts.

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